Not all chocolate is created equal. The refined distinction of Kakao Berlin appears immediately after the taste buds have been seduced. I fell in love at the first bite.

Guy Debbas

G.Debbas Chocolatier, Fresno, CA

Kakao Berlin Chocolate received over the past 5 years has been of consistent quality, taste, and texture enabling us to deliver superb tasting finished chocolate products. An added benefit is Kakao Berlin has become a “one stop” chocolate supplier for Organic, Rainforest, Equitable Trade and conventional chocolate in several formats (blocks, chips etc.). All bulk chocolate product information is posted on the website so any questions we have are easily answered.

Karlo Flores, Founder & President

Terra Nostra Organic Chocolates, Vancouver, Canada

Kakao Berlin chocolate is the only chocolate we found to have the healthy high cacao levels we use in our superfood products without the typical bitterness…very smooth! My customers thank you!

Michael McCarthy, Founder

Budibar, Boston, MA

Working with Kakao Berlin has been a total pleasure. The chocolates melt very evenly, have excellent viscosity, and temper very consistently. The final products have a pronounced aroma and a full-bodied, even flavor. Kakao Berlin chocolates will make a very high quality addition to any serious pastry kitchen or bakery.

David Baker, Pastry Chef

Coolhaus, Los Angeles, CA

Kakao Berlin Chocolate is dangerously good! I prefer using vegan chocolate in my baking, and theirs is rich, complex in flavor, and not overly bitter.
It melts so beautifully and has a smoothness that is only evident in the highest-quality chocolate. My desserts have never tasted so good!

Ashley Fiocco

Sugar Beak Bakery, Los Angeles, CA